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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 Dating Advice

First Date Etiquette

First date etiquette

You’ve been sending messages back and forwards but now’s the time to meet your Maverick Match date in person. Excited? Of course! Nervous? Absolutely normal. Wondering how to behave? This is where we can help. Here are some tips to help you relax and enjoy that first meeting (complete with butterflies in the tummy) whilst behaving in an appropriate and respectful way.

Eye on the clock 

Make sure you’re on time! Being late may make your Maverick Match start to worry about whether you’re turning up. The key is to plan in advance how long your journey will take. If it’s a new route for you, why not do a test-run so you know how to get there, what the parking is like and so on? If you are delayed, try to let your date know (if you’re driving, make sure that you park first before you make the call).

Neat and tidy 

First impressions really do matter. Make sure that you are appropriately dressed for the date and your clothes are clean and well-presented – even if you’re going on an extreme sport date such as mountain-biking or climbing.

Freshen up 

You’ve got your outfit sorted so you look good, but make sure you smell good too; smell is such an evocative sense. Be sure that your clothes don’t smell of smoke or anything else unsavoury, and add a spritz of your favourite perfume or aftershave. As well as making sure you smell fab, this will give your confidence a boost too. Don’t forget to chew on some minty gum too for fresh breath!

Even if you don’t like the look of your date on first glance, give them a chance! As you get to know your date and spend time with them you may become more attracted to them. Especially when you start chatting about your passion for adventure and the outdoors.

Take a breath… 

… and relax. You’re not yourself when you’re nervous. Take a few breaths to calm down. If you know you chatter away when you’re nervous, try to slow down. If you know you tend to clam up, concentrate on what your date is saying to help you open up. Talking about what gives you a buzz – be it cycling, snowboarding, sailing or climbing – will help you relax and let your true personality shine through on this date.

Be in the moment 

It’s tempting to look at your phone and check your notifications, but it’s good manners to turn it on silent, put it away and devote your attention to your date.

That's it! Whether you're on a classy restaurant date or getting outdoors together for something more active and extreme, we wish you a safe and happy time, with a big dose of adventure and fun.

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