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Thursday, September 21st, 2017 Dating Advice

Seven Things To Know When You Date A Surfer 

A couple surfing on a sunny date

If the surf’s up, then they're out

5am, in the middle of the Sunday roast, out shopping… it doesn’t matter what the scenario, if the conditions are right you can guarantee they’ll be hot-footing it back to base to wet-suit up and catch some adrenaline-boosting waves.

The answer is yes, they do ‘go’ in our wetsuits

You’ve always wondered, but never quite dared to ask. Better make sure that wetsuit gets a super-careful clean, then.

Bare feet and salty hair is happiness

Post-surf, expect them to have a spring in their step, a healthy glow to their cheeks and be full of chat about the epic waves. Note to self; learn the lingo so you can nod along easily.

Being too cold isn't a valid reason for not wanting to surf with them

That’s why wetsuits were invented. Our tip – concentrate on what you’re doing so much you don’t feel the icy British waters. Oh, and make sure you have a thermos of something hot waiting for you on dry land. It'll be worth it – you want your date to admire your adventure-seeking side.

Counting waves is fun but also educational

The seventh wave is the ‘magic’ wave. The more you surf, the more you’ll get it.

Don't ever tell them that they have too many surf boards.

You can never have too many surf boards.

That moment when the sun sets and everything is all romantic and lovely

You’ll realise you’ve found someone who appreciates the natural things in life. They make the most of life and are keen to find a fellow outdoor enthusiast to hit those dawnies with (for the rest of us, that’s surfing at sunrise) … or not.

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