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Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 Dating Advice

Ten Tips For Successful Online Dating

Ten tips for successful online dating

Going on a date is always exciting, especially when you have a shared love of adventure and adrenaline and want to experience their rush together! To make sure you have a happy and successful date, follow this dating advice. You are welcome.

What’s in a name?

We cannot stress the importance of remembering your date’s name. It’s only good manners, after all, and will help make a fantastic first impression. Memorise their name and repeat it to yourself on the way to the date to avoid any awkward slips of the tongue.

Refresh your memory

You may have been lucky enough to have been chatting with several other singles, so before you meet your date take a few minutes to look through their profile again and refresh your memory about their hobbies, passions and values.

Get their number 

Our Maverick Matches messaging service allows you to exchange private messages with your prospective date, but you can’t rely on internet access when you’re out and about on a date. Get their number beforehand in case you need to call them to rearrange, let them know you’re running late or any last minute reminders for equipment or kit.

Sat nav 

Make sure you know the route to your date (especially important if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been or venturing in to the great outdoors for an extreme adventure).


Check you have some notes or coins in your wallet. Carparks, pubs and cafes can’t be relied upon for taking cards or mobile payments.

Book ahead 

You want to be able to relax and chat to your date, so call ahead and book that table or place at the adventure base or activity centre.

Lookin’ good 

Check the mirror before you leave your house or car. Who knows, you may have smudged your makeup or acquired a fetching touch of mud en route.

Call a friend 

Make sure that a close friend or member of your family knows where you are going, who you are meeting and what time you’ll be back, so you can relax on your date knowing someone has your back.

Enjoy yourself 

When you’ve done all the above, relax and enjoy getting to know your date.

Say thank you 

It’s always nice to say thank you, especially if you’re keen to go on a second date with your fellow adventure-lover!

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