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Saturday, November 4th, 2017 Dating Advice

How To Combat Pre-Date Nerves

How to combat first date nerves

Sweaty palms? Heart racing? Unable to sit still? You've got a classic case of pre-date nerves. We don't blame you; after a few weeks of intense online messaging you're ready to meet your online date for the first time. Even though you've got a love of adventure and an active lifestyle in common, meeting someone new in a date scenario is always going to be a little nerve-wracking. Follow these Maverick Matches tips to help you relax, calm down and enjoy your first date.


Give yourself enough time to get ready. There's nothing like rushing around at the last minute to make you feel flustered and unnerved. Take your time, enjoy the process and focus on yourself.


Practising a little bit of meditation is a sure-fire way to calm your nerves, ground yourself and stop your thoughts from racing. Find a quiet place, turn off any distractions and get comfy. Then spend a few minutes concentrating on your breath flowing in and out of your body. Breathe in for a count of five, hold it for two counts, then exhale for five counts. Magic.

Give yourself time

Plan your journey in advance and leave plenty of time to get there - including delays - so that you appear cool, calm and collected when you meet your date.

Wear your lucky pants

... or lucky socks - it's up to you! Whatever your talisman is for dating, wearing it will help you relax and feel confident.

Look your best

It's common knowledge that looking your best will help you to feel your best, giving you confidence, making you attractive and happy. Focus on yourself before the date - rather than worrying about how things might go - for a boost of confidence.

Re-read their profile

Nervous about turning up and getting tongue-tied or, even worse, not recognising your date? Log in to Maverick Matches and refresh your memory about your date's interests, passions and hobbies, as well as how they look! That's another weight off your mind.

The distraction technique

Over-thinking things never helps. If you're prone to worrying and getting anxious then take yourself off for some you-time. Whether that's walking, indulging in your favourite adventure sport, or just doing a spot of cooking, concentrating on something different can be a fantastic way to calm your nerves and relax.

We hope you have an incredible first date! Be sure to read our other posts on dating advice for ideas for dates, tips and tricks for finding love and staying safe online.

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