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Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 Extreme Sports

What You Need To Know About Dating A Skier

What to know when you date a skier

Winter is here and with it.... the ski season! If you've met a skier online then here's the 101 on what you need to know if you're a slopes and apres-ski novice.

The 'big drop'

How to impress your date: drop in the words 'the big drop' for instant skiing kudos. FYI takingĀ fast, big turns on long, steep vertical descents and those sheer cliffs drops = a big drop.

Be prepared for fresh powder

Fresh snow = addictive conditions for skiers. Your skier will, quite literally, drop everything and run when there's fresh powder.

No hair on the shins?

That's normal!

Six coats, four salopettes and eight sets of skis

Totally normal too.

Don't help with the big 'which skis should I take?'

Because if they choose the fat skis and there's no powder, you'll know all about it.

High winds and freezing temperatures.

Don't think that's an excuse to stay in bed. You'll be lucky if you get a coffee stop on the mountain. Nothing gets in the way of hitting that fresh 'pow'.

A true skiing novice?

Expect blistered feet, sore shins and heavy legs. No matter what they say - go to ski school!

*That* tanline

The mandatory side-effect of wearing ski goggles, helmet and neck scarf all day.

The best holidays

Incredible views, crisp air in your lungs and plenty of exercise followed by cosying up in front of the stove or hitting the apres-ski scene. Perfect.

Don't ask about whether they snowboard too

Just don't even go there.

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