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Thursday, November 16th, 2017 Dating Advice

First Dates Dos And Don’ts

First date dos and don'ts

How to navigate the rocky road of a first date.

Do turn up on time

There's nothing worse than sitting in a romantic restaurant at a table for two, by yourself. By being on time for your date you're showing that you're interested, respectful and keen to meet them. And who knows, if you leave your date for too long on their own waiting, they might just meet someone else. Not a good start.

Don't forget to pack your wallet

The 'who should pay' conversation is awkward enough without having to admit that you've left your cash at home. Double check before you leave that you're carrying the first date essentials - cash, card, keys - to save your blushes.

Do tell someone where you are going

Chances are your date will be legit and there won't be any need to worry, but at Maverick Matches we always recommend that you let a family member or friend know what you're planning, just for your own safety.

Don't check your phone all the time

You're on the date to get to know the person sitting in front of you. Facebook WILL wait.

Don't forget to smile

First date nerves are completely normal, but a warm smile will make you seem attractive and will hide any lack of confidence that you might be feeling on the night. And by smile, we don't mean Cheshire Cat smile.

Do make a mental list of conversation topics

Rather like a job interview, it's always good to be prepared. Before you show up, have a think about what you can chat to your date about to keep the conversation flowing. Talking about things going on locally, your favourite hobbies and sports, where you'd like to travel to on your next adventure... these are all good. If you're stuck, why not pass an evening watching 'First Dates' and jotting down some of your favourite questions?

Don't forget to say thank you

You've had a lovely first date and have thoroughly enjoyed chatting to your new friend. There's even a spark of energy and romance in the air. When you get home, don't forget to send a quick message to say 'thank you'. It won't go unnoticed.

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