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Thursday, November 30th, 2017 Extreme Sports

Inspiration For New Extreme Sports

New extreme sports inspiration

Adventure, adrenaline, activity - what better way to spend your weekend? We appreciate that everyone has their favourite extreme sport that they return to again and again, but if you yearn to try something new then we've got you covered. Here's the Maverick Matches low-down on new activities to try that we guarantee will get your blood pumping and your heart racing.

Mountain Unicycling

  • What will you need? An all-terrain unicycle and a helmet.
  • What is it? In the same manner as mountain biking, mountain unicycling (or municycling) takes you off-road and traversing rough terrain, challenging ascents and thrilling descents.
  • Where can I try it? Anywhere in the UK, but ideally with hills and mountains.
  • Tell me more! The Union of UK Unicyclists has more information on its website.
  • Volcano Boarding

  • What will you need? A toboggan.
  • What is it? Volcano boarding is the art of sliding down a volcano on a plywood toboggan. Yes, the volcano is active and yes, you'll have to hike up it first. But in return you get an immense thrill, a real element of danger and spectacular views.
  • Where can I try it? Leon, Nicaragua.
  • Tell out more! Head to Expert Vagabond for a full explanation.
  • Ice Swimming

  • What will you need? A very warm wetsuit.
  • What is it? An icy swim in water of below 5 degrees - the swim must be at least 1 mile.
  • Where can I try it? The Scandinavian countries are all ice-swimming hotbeds, but you can also have a go in waters around Scotland.
  • Tell me more! The International Ice Swimming Association website is a hive of knowledge and information.
  • Wing Walking

  • What will you need? A plane, a pilot and a strong stomach.
  • What is it? Strapped to the roof of a bi-plane, you'll fly through the air at nearly 200 mph. As well as lateral flying, you'll be treated to dips, twirls and extreme dives.
  • Where can I try it? Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Essex and Oxfordshire.
  • Tell me more! Into The Blue offers a variety of UK experiences.
  • Coasteering

  • What will you need? Swimsuit or trunks and a wetsuit.
  • What is it? Make your way around a rocky coastline, by swimming, climbing, scrambling and diving.
  • Where can I try it? Anywhere with coasts and cliffs.
  • Tell me more! For details of coastal adventures visit Xtreme Coasteering.
  • Slacklining

  • What will you need?A long length of polyester webbing and strong abs.
  • What is it? Essentially it's tightroping at low level. Walk along a piece of thick webbing - with some slack in it - anchored between two points. The web can either be close to the ground or across a body of water.
  • Where can I try it? There are plenty of clubs across the UK to join.
  • Tell me more! Find a local club at Slackline.
  • Freshwater Cave Diving

  • What will I need? All your traditional diving garb, as well as an excellent guide.
  • What is it? Descend into the bowels of the earth via a pot-hole then explore the a submerged cave system.
  • Where can I try it? Cumbria and the Peak District are prime spots.
  • Tell more more! Head to Cave Diving Group to find a group.
  • Flowboarding

  • What will I need? A wetsuit, board and a custom-built indoor surfhouse.
  • What is it? It's indoor surfing on a thin sheet of water which flows over a manmade hill to create a perfect ocean wave.
  • Where can I try it? Bedfordshire.
  • Tell me more! Visit the Flow House website for all the details you need.
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