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Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 Dating Advice

Alphabet Dating Part 2

Alphabet Dating Part 2

If you've not heard of alphabet dating before then you're missing out! Alphabet dating is a fun, adventurous, exciting way to make your dating life sparkle and keep your romance alive. The premise is to enjoy 26 different dates, all starting with a different letter. You could start at A and work your way through to Z. Or, for even more dating fun, pick a letter at random and see what comes up. You may have seen our blog post in early December with our first instalment of active, creative and 'different' date ideas and we're back with list number two.

A. Archery

B. Bowling

C. Cycling

D. Dancing

E. Escape Rooms

F. Frisbee

G. Gliding

H. Hiking

I. Indoor Climbing

J. Jive Class

K. Kitchen date

L. Longboarding

M. Mountain Biking

N. National Trust Estate Walk

O. Open Air Cinema

P. Paddleboarding

Q. Quasar

R. Rowing

S. Stargazing>

T. Tandem biking

U. Upcyling session

V. Vineyard visit

W. Water Park

X. Xbox tournament

Y. Yoga

Z. Zoo tour

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