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Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 Sports

Sporty Adventures For 2019

Sporty Adventures for 2019

Looking for something to reinvigorate your adventure lifestyle in 2019? We've gathered together five fantastic ideas for getting outdoors and getting active. And the best thing? They are all based right here in the UK.

1. Packrafting, Snowdonia

So what is packrafting exactly? Well, you'll journey into the wilderness by inflatable boat, which you can then pack up and stow away (pack + raft) in your rucksack to continue your adventure on foot and camp in the wild. Want to give it a try? Head to Snowdonia where Tirio offer a variety of experiences, which take in sea, lakes and mountains.

2. Tracks + Trail-running Working Holiday, National Trust

Indulge your love of running and do good at the same time on one of National Trust's unique working Holidays. Their Tracks and Trail-running holiday in Devon combines a few days repairing the coastal path with intensive trail-running coaching and advice from an expert coach. Get more details here.

3. Try an Aquathlon

Like a Triathlon with the biking element, an Aquathlon combines a swim and a run. Head to Essex's Lea Valley on the first Tuesday of the month between May and September and you'll soon see you progress. Find out more.

4. Man Vs Coast

Take the trip down to Cornwall this July for Man Vs Coast. Hug the coastline for 23 miles from St Michael’s Mount to Land’s End - you'll need to run, walk, scramble, climb and even swim some sections to get to the end. The incredible beauty of the landscape and the sea make it totally worth it, though.

5. Learn to sail

Is 2019 the year you learn to sail? RYA Northumbria has a range of courses available to help you sort your port from your starboard, ranging from intensive two day 'immersion' courses to five day residential trips where you live on board. Book your adventure here.

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