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Saturday, February 9th, 2019 Dating Advice

Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Alternative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Want to avoid the Valentine's Day cliche of romantic dinner and drinks? Or maybe you want to rebel against the hyped-up and over-commercialised 'Day of Love' and spend quality time with your date doing something slightly different? We've pulled together some active and not-so-active ideas for your Valentine's Day evening. The chocolates and flowers are up to you though.

1. Get the giggles

February blues can leave you low, so up the happy endorphins with a visit to a local comedy gig. is a great online source to find one near you.

2. Cook at home

If a £50 set menu at a restaurant leaves you cold then this is for you. Take time to plan a delicious menu (or just buy a supermarket meal deal - we're not judging) then chill out in the comfort of your own home without the stress of being squashed in next to other couples. BBC Good Food have a great bank of delicious dinners to try.

3. Spin and spa

No need to skip your sweat session. If your date shares your love for fitness then book in to a local spin class - we love Psycle London and 1Rebel - and follow it up with a session in the swimming pool, sauna and steam room. Your fitness and energy levels will get a boost, and working out together is a fab way to make a connection.

4. Hit the Climbing Wall

With everyone out with their loved ones, the climbing wall will be yours for the taking. Make sure you read our 'How to date a climber' blog post to prepare, and remember that nothing builds trust like belaying for someone else.

5. Avoid the crowds

If you really want to treat your date to eating out then skip the dinner and plan a romantic breakfast or afternoon tea instead. A breakfast will kick off the day beautifully whilst everyone feels spoiled with an afternoon tea.

6. Celebrate friendship

You might need to run this by your date first but who says you have to spend Valentine's Day solely with a partner? Where you have friends who are couples or singletons, invite them around for a night of food, drinks, films and fun. Your Valentine's will be relaxed, happy and full of warmth and it's a great opportunity for your date to get to know your mates better.

7. Learn to dance

Even if you have two left feet, a dance class is fun, active and a great way to pass an evening. Visit DanceNearYou to find a local class - from Lindy Hop, Ballroom and Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Latin and many more.

8. Have a winter garden party

Who says bonfires are just for November? Prep your bonfire the weekend before, then get your date around and snuggle up to enjoy the warmth. Don't forget the bonfire food, sparklers, marshmallows on sticks and blankets for ultimate cosiness.

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