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Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 Dating Advice

Staying Safe When You’re Online Dating

Staying Safe When You're Online Dating

Maverick Matches is from the same people who bring you Muddy Matches, and we have over ten years of experience under our belt at matching great people and keeping you safe. Our commitment to your safety is just one of the reasons why we are members of the Online Dating Association, adhering to its policies. We have a 'vetting system' in place to make sure only genuine people have their profiles approved, but there are some things you can do to have a happy and safe dating experience.

1. Listen to your instincts

If someone is claiming to have achieved something that doesn't quite sound feasible, then question what they tell you and listen to your instincts. Similarly, if someone gives information that doesn't marry up with their online dating profile then think twice; are they telling the truth?

2. Don't give too much away about yourself

Whilst our online dating message facility is designed to help you get to know potential matches better before you meet in person, be mindful about how much information you give away. For example, don't give details of your address or place of work, and if someone asks for personal information such as your number or email on their first communication then please do bear in mind that you cannot take this information back. Although you will have to exchange numbers eventually do not do so unless you feel comfortable and ready to do so.

3. Never give out bank information

If a potential match requests you to share your bank information with them then please report them immediately and cease all contact so we can investigate.

4. Report unacceptable behaviour

We have clear guidelines on what is and what is not acceptable, including aggressive, threatening or offensive language or behaviour, advertisements and indecent photos. If you come across any of these please hit the 'Report' button that you'll see on any messages you receive and at the bottom of each member profile. Find out more about what constitutes 'Unacceptable Behaviour' here.

5. Only meet when you feel comfortable

Our online dating messaging service is a fantastic way to get to know someone better before deciding whether to take things offline and meet them in person. We recommend that you always tell someone where you are going, arrange to meet in a safe and well-populated place, and follow our guidelines for a safe first date.

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