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Friday, February 15th, 2019 Dating Advice

The Ten Online Dating Terms You Need To Know

The Ten Online Dating Terms You Need To Know

Ghosting, catfishing and breadcrumbing. What on earth do they mean? The worlds of online dating and relationships are full of dedicated lingo to describe situations and behaviours, but what do they mean in IRL? Here's your Maverick Matches 101 guide to the online dating lexicon.


Literally 'In Real Life'. Commonly used to refer to taking your conversation offline and meet in person. The question is, though, are they just as attractive IRL?


Either an acronym for 'before anyone else', or a shortening of 'babe'. When someone refers to you as their BAE it's good news.


Not a pleasant one: the term 'catfish' refers to an online dater creating a fake persona, using false photos, and taking in other online daters. As well as for personal kicks, it can be done as part of a con. We have a team dedicated to checking that all online dating profiles on Maverick Matches are genuine but if you have any concerns you can hit the 'Report' button which appears on every dating profile.


Just when you thought everything was going smoothly, you find that conversation is suddenly cut off and you hear no more from your online match. You've been ghosted.

Slow Fade

Like ghosting but slower. They take longer and longer to reply to your online messages, their messages get shorter and less detailed and then, eventually, contact ceases.


The return of the ghost. You've moved on from being ghosted and suddenly they pop right back in to your inbox.


The odd flirty message here and there leads you on to think that something romantic could happen, but then it never comes to pass. This is breadcrumbing; letting you believe that it's going to turn in to something serious when they have no intention of taking it any further or meeting IRL.


Also to be translated as 'they're just not that into you', benching refers to when someone keeps in touch but never gets around to meeting you. Plans might fall through, they cancel on you, an emergency turns up. Basically, they like the attention they get from you and want to stay in touch 'just in case' but you're not their BAE. Sorry


Aha, so you've matched with someone online and you want to find out everything about them. You start to Google, find them on social media and then 'liking' their photos from ten years ago. The problem is that pesky little notification that lets them know they're being researched. If this is you it might be worth reading the Muddy Matches blog on 'The pros and cons of researching your date'.

Sunday Night Fever

Sunday evening is one of the busiest times of the week in the online dating world. Impending doom about Monday morning, a weekend spent alone and a few spare hours spark conversation like never before. Cue your inbox being deluged with messages from anyone and everyone.

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