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Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 Dating Advice

Six Ideas For Quick Dates

Six Ideas For Quick Dates

Modern day life can be hectic. A full day of work, gym sessions to go to, household chores, spending time with friends and trying to squeeze in some time int he great outdoors too. So how on earth can you fit dating in on top of that? Well the great thing about online dating with Maverick Matches is that you can take it with you and message potential Maverick partners whenever you have a few minutes to spare. But what happens when it comes to meeting them in person? Here are our favourite ideas for six mini-dates that will leave you refreshed, inspired and eager to schedule in another as soon as your jam-packed diary allows.

1. Breakfast

Who says dating is an evening activity only? If you've got a busy work and home schedule then get up an hour early and meet for breakfast. Super-easy if you're in a city, we've noticed that more and more places in the countryside - think farm shops, independent coffee bars, beach-side shacks - are opening earlier. They are the perfect place to meet someone new when you're short of time. And a great date will put a spring in your step all day long. Result!

2. Fitness date

Multi-task by combining your date with your workout. Invite them along to your gym session or dance class or, if it's fine weather, head outside for a cycle ride or jog. Just remember to follow our tips for a safe first date and stick to popular places with other people around.

3. Meet for dessert

A little unconventional perhaps, but meeting for dessert is a short, sweet way to slot in a date. It beats a 'pub' date hands down and you'll find out what taste they have in puds right away. The question is; custard, cream or ice-cream?

4. Lunch date

Break up your working day with a lunch date. Just choose somewhere handy for you both, book a table (you don't want to be jostling for elbow-space at the counter) and rendez-vous in your hour off. A lunch date is more informal and relaxed than an evening date and if you don't quite click, having to get back to your desk is a great get-out line.

6. Picnic date

Following on from the lunch date idea, a picnic date at a local park or beauty spot is wonderful in summer. If it's a third or fourth date too you can get super-romantic with fancy foods and a special picnic rug. Go easy on the lunch-time drinking though.

5. Coffee

Somewhat obvious but if you have weekend plans already then a coffee date means you can segue your way from coffee to fun with your friends. Just make sure your date knows you have plans later on to avoid any awkwardness.

6. Visit a market together

Doing your food shopping can be romantic when you head to a farmer's market or a food market. London's Borough Market in London is a wonderful place to pick up your groceries, chat at leisure and grab some street food. if there isn't a food market near you then meeting at a farm shop is also great - just make sure it's a top-quality one where you can really indulge.

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