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Thursday, January 31st, 2019 Dating Advice

How To Start A Great Online Dating Conversation

How To Start A Great Online Dating Conversation

When you're online dating, the first message you send to someone might be your only chance to get to capture their attention. So, you need to make sure that you make a great impression and spark conversation. Not sure how to go about it? We have you covered in this blog post.

1. Make your message personal

Even though writing a unique, personal message is time-consuming and requires effort, it is worth it. Most people can spot a generic, copy-and-pasted message that has been sent to many, many online daters and believe us; that is not going to make a great impression or grab their attention. Make sure you include their name (or username if their name isn't apparent) in your starting sentence, and relate your message to their profile. Which brings us to...

2. Read their online dating profile thoroughly

Taking time to read someone's profile and study their photos will give you the information you need to write a personal, interested message. If something about them sparks your interest make sure you ask about it. If you find some shared hobbies (well, you definitely enjoy staying active and getting a healthy dose of adventure, being on Maverick Matches), then tell them. And ask for more information; including a 'hook' will encourage them to reply to you and get the conversation started.

3. Take time to get your message right

In the days of mobiles and apps, firing off a message without taking time to properly check it is very easy to do. Stop right there. Who's going to be attracted by a message full of silly mistakes and potential auto-correct fails? read your message back to yourself to check that it's mistake-free, makes sense and that it reflects who you really are.

4. Include information about yourself

An online dating message is your chance to let your personality shine through. Just as you might find a 'hook' in someone else's profile which draws your attention, include some personal details about yourself to attract your reader's interest. Making your message truly personal and full of character will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

5. Only message those you're interested in, but keep an open mind

Think that this sounds far too time-consuming for you? Well, be selective with who you send messages to. Reading through various online dating profiles will give you a feel for the kinds of people there are out there, and what their life goals are. There's no point in spending time messaging those whose hopes and aspirations are diametrically opposed to your own, so be picky and focus your efforts.

6. Be prompt in replying

No games, no delays, just conversation. We all know the pain of waiting for someone to reply when your message has been read (that sneaky old Whatsapp double blue tick, no?) so why do that to someone else? Replying promptly indicates that you are interested and serious about getting to know them better.

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Sunday, December 30th, 2018 Dating Advice

New Year Dating Boost

New Year Dating Boost

As the clock strikes twelve and you realise you're alone (again?), entering the new year with a positive attitude to dating and relationships can be somewhat challenging. Stop right there! The dawn of a new year is the chance for fresh opportunities and a shiny new approach to your dating life. So, here are our top tips to boost your love life as January begins.

1. Start fresh and let go of the past

Getting hung up with doubts and worries over past relationships is SO last year. Wipe the slate clean with the new year and try to move on. If you're not currently online dating, it's a wonderful time to start - as lots of other singles will be joining up. If you are on a dating site, then take time to review your profile and give it a January refresh to attract all of those potential partners out there.

2. Think positive

So what if you didn't find love in 2018? 2019 is a new year, with so many people out there to meet. Focus on your strengths and the things that make you awesome, and don't let any doubters hold you back!

3. Don't make dating your sole focus

Obsessing over dating and the state of your love life isn't a recipe for overall wellbeing and happiness. Make it part of a balanced lifestyle - along with work, family, friends, hobbies and sport - for a well-rounded, healthy attitude that will make you irresistible.

4. Review what you *really* want

Especially if you've been online dating a while, the things you think you want from a relationship may have changed or altered slightly. Read through your online dating profile with a critical eye and ask yourself whether what you wrote is still aligned with how you feel. This process may also help you clarify your life goals in general - pretty cool, eh?

5. Try something new

Taking up a new hobby or sport will add an extra dimension of fun into your life, especially important during these short January days. You'll have something great to talk about with potential dates too, as well as giving yourself the opportunity to make new friends.

6. Talk to strangers

We know very well that first dates are hard... the whole pressure thing, getting to know someone new, dating etiquette to name a few things that you need to overcome. So, what better way to get into practice than talking to strangers. Try chatting to someone in the coffee shop queue, on the bus or train, or just in the park. You'll boost your confidence, get adept at making small talk and empathising, and also pick up some pretty cool stories and knowledge along the way.

7. Invest time in yourself

The 'January blues' are a very real thing. Rather than wallowing at home in a pit of misery (ok, that might be a little OTT), spend quality time with yourself. Be it enjoying a long bubble bath, getting out to a fitness class, trying a new hobby (see point 5!) or making dates with friends and family, having something to look forward to throughout January could be what you need to remain positive.

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Sunday, December 23rd, 2018 Dating Advice

How To Survive Christmas When You’re Single

How To Survive Christmas When You're Single

Christmas is nearly here... a magical time with friends, family and... romance? For some of you, love may be blossoming but we know that there are many people out there who are single and not looking forward to spending the next few weeks alone. We've put together our top tips for how to not only survive the festive season but actually embrace it, along with your single status.

1. First off - you are not alone

There are so many other people out there in the same situation as you. If you're stressed or worried about passing another Christmas by yourself, then harness that energy and focus it on something positive and productive. Celebrate being you, buy yourself a present and enjoy doing Christmas 'your' way.

2. Avoid the romantic Christmas movies

Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually, It's A Wonderful Life... all gorgeous films but all ones that may ram your single status home. Turn those off and pop on something a little more lighthearted or non-romance based. Our favourites? Harry Potter, Mamma Mia 2 and Mission Impossible.

3. Prepare the ultimate answer

We've been there - there's always a well-meaning aunt or uncle who asks 'so, why are you still single'. WE GET IT. Why is it ok to ask about someone's single status but not about their own married life? Take a few minutes to prepare the perfect answer. Go for the pleasant conversation-stopper 'I haven't met the right person yet' or maybe be a little more pass-ag with 'Do you really need to ask that question?'.

4. Girls or Boys Night In

Sometime the lull between Christmas and New Year can feel a little flat. Organise a girls' or boys' night in to celebrate your freedom! Organise the drinks, cook up a feast and kick back with your best friends.

5. Get on to online dating

There are plenty of other people in the same position as you, meaning that Christmas and having a holiday from work is a great time to give online dating a try as around the UK.

6. Don't let envy get the better of you

Christmas time is a romantic time, and you might find news of newly-engaged friends popping up on Facebook and Whatsapp. Even if you yearn to be in a couple, swallow any feelings of envy and congratulate your friends from the bottom of your heart. Your time *will* come.

7. Treat yourself

With time off work and money to spare (after all, you haven't had to buy a significant other a present), you can afford to put yourself on a pedestal. Buy yourself a Christmas present, or treat yourself to a day out - we love hte idea of an indulgent spa day or a day of adventure in the fresh air.

8. Don't wallow in pity

Channelling your inner Bridget Jones and drinking all the booze in your pyjamas may seem tempting but... don't even go there. Instead, dress up and get out and about. Far more sociable, a lot more nourishing for your soul and you never know who you might meet.

9. Count your blessings

Being single means that you can do whatever you want to do. No need to split your Christmas break between different families, no need to compromise on how to spend your time off and no awkward 'how much do I spend on a Christmas present' drama. Think about the positives of your situation and relish them whilst you can!

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Thursday, December 20th, 2018 Dating Advice

Time To Update Your Dating Profile?

Time To Update Your Dating Profile?

We're so proud that we've reached our first anniversary at Maverick Matches, helping active people who love adventure and outdoors to meet and find love. Have you been with us since the start? If your online dating profile has been up for a while and you've still not found the one for you, then it might be time to give your profile a freshen up. Here are the things that you can update to keep you profile up to date, interesting and eye-catching.

1. Profile picture

Have you kept the same profile picture since you signed up? Take a look at it with new eyes; does it show your face clearly? Do you think it's eye-catching? Your profile may well be showing up in lots of people's searches but they may have got so used to it, they don't 'see' it anymore. Add a bright, fresh photo so that you stand out and, voila, more profile clicks!

2. Update your info

Perhaps you've taken up some new hobbies, or you feel confident enough to add more detail to your profile. Take a few minutes to check that the interests you've listed are still current and reflect what you like to do. Adding more detail will give personality and character to your profile, so it's well worth writing about what you like about your activities and why you enjoy pursuing them.

3. Add a 'statement headline'

Think about your dating profile as a personal CV, where you summarise your top achievements and highlights to make you stand out from the crowd. Do the same for your dating profile, and potential dates will be able to read about your 'essence' at a glance.

4. More pictures

We've just enjoyed a wonderfully long, hot summer and no doubt you made the most of it pursuing adventure and fitness outdoors, capturing lots of photos along the way. Find your favourites and upload them to your online dating profile to give your matches a real insight into how you enjoy spending your time; you never know, they may just find they have lots in common with you and get in touch.

5. Entice people to find out more

Giving lots of information about yourself, as we suggest in point 2, can be great, but too much information can be overwhelming. Another benefit of telling a little, but not all, is that it makes online messaging easier as people will have something to ask about. So, hinting at an achievement or future dream can be a lot, lot more interesting then telling is straight.

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Saturday, December 8th, 2018 Dating Advice

Alphabet Dating – Part 1

Alphabet Dating - Part 1

Alphabet dating is the latest craze to sweep the dating and romance scene. Stuck for date inspiration? Try alphabet dating. Want to keep the spark and excitement alive in your relationship? Try alphabet dating. Looking for creative ways to impress your date? Try alphabet dating. Searching for new adventure in your life? You guessed it; alphabet dating is the answer. Here's the first in a series of posts to give you ideas for active, adventurous dates. We suggest you start at A and work your way through to Z. Or, for even more dating fun, pick a letter at random and see where fate takes you. Let us know how you get on!

A. Archery

B. Bowling

C. Cycling

D. Dancing

E. Escape Rooms

F. Frisbee

G. Go Ape

H. Hiking

I. Ice Skating

J. Jump Arena

K. Kayaking

L. Laserquest

M. Mountain Walk

N. National Park visit

O. Obstacle Course

P. Parkrun

Q. Quad biking

R. Rollerblading

S. Skywalk Adventure

T. Tennis game

U. Unicycling lesson

V. Vitamin Sea! (a.k.a. visit to the beach to soak up the fresh air and calming waves)

W. Walking date

X. Xscape

Y. Yachting

Z. Zorbing

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 Dating Advice

Eight Tips For Online Dating Happiness

Eight Tips For Online Dating Happiness

Whether you're new to online dating with Maverick Matches or need to refresh your approach, today's blog post is designed to help you enjoy your dating experience and fill you with confidence. We chatted with someone who successfully found love on an online dating site to get her top tips for enjoying online dating, and meeting the person for you.

1. Set yourself rules

Online dating with Maverick Matches lets you search like-minded singles . However, if you're not sure exactly who you are searching for, then filtering through pages of profiles are daunting. Why not set yourself some rules to help you choose? One online dating veteran (who has since found love) shared hers; no topless photos, no profile with 'all group photos', no photos where it looks as if an ex has been cut-off.

2. Post realistic photos of yourself

You know that feeling when you unwrap a ready meal and, disappointingly, it looks nothing like the photo on the box? Well, apply that feeling to online dating. To avoid awkward first dates, make sure that the photos you post are realistic, look like you and are recent. Nobody wants to turn up to a date and be greeted with 'you look nothing like your profile picture'.

3. Reevaluate your search criteria

If you're coming across very few profiles who meet your criteria for a partner then it's time to re-evaluate how you search. You could apply the rules as discussed above, or how about the numbers game where you get in touch with every third profile? You never know who you might meet and the element of fun will reinvigorate your approach to online dating.

4. Try to meet people quickly

Although we always recommend exchanging online dating messages before you meet, and also taking care of your safety and security on a first date, don't let yourself become penpals. Meeting someone with whom you spark quickly will reduce the pressure on that first date as you've not had time to dream up a 'perfect version' of what they are like, and if you don't hit it off in real life, then you've not lost anything and can move on.

5. If you're nervous, meet on a week night

A great tip for first time online daters. If you're feeling anxious and are not sure how your first date will go, try to arrange a weeknight date. This way, you can make your exit early by playing the 'got to go to work early tomorrow' card.

6. Make your profile come to life

Try to weave in some interesting facts about yourself in to your online dating profile. It makes a great conversation starter and gives other singles something to ask about when they get in touch.

7. Know when to move on

If your messages go unanswered, if they cancel dates multiple times, if they send you rude messages... move on. Why waste time when you could be having fun with someone who shares your life interests and wants to get to know you properly?

8. Trust your instincts

Although we vet every profile on Maverick Matches, we need to know if something is wrong. Trust your instinct, and let us know if you ever receive messages or experience behaviour that don't seem quite right.

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Sunday, December 2nd, 2018 Dating Advice

How To Make The First Move And Meet In Real Life

How To Make The First Move And Meet In Real Life

Online dating is a wonderful way to meet like-minded singles who share your love of fitness, adventure and keeping active. And, even better, you can do this all from the comfort of your own home. It can, however, be very easy to fall in to the 'penpal' trap - exchanging lots and lots of messages without every making the move to meet up with the people who you are talking to. So, how can you make the first move and suggest meeting in real life?

1. Test The Waters

If you've exchanged a few messages and get a good feeling about this person; you seem to share the same values, you have a similar outlook on life and you think there may be a spark, then why waste time? We recommend sending a message to test the waters and see if they would be up for meeting, no pressure. If yes, then great! You can start to plan your first date. If no, then follow our tips below.

2. If One Of You Is A Bit Shy

We get it; going from exchanging messages where you get time to think about what to say and how to respond to meeting in person is a big step, and one that can be quite daunting. If this is a little too much then why not have a phone conversation first? You'll get to know them a lot better than virtual messages allow and you can relax into the conversation without the 'first date' nerves.

3. If You're Still A Little Cautious

Modern technology really is wonderful, allowing people to connect over hundreds of miles. It also lets you 'meet virtually' in total safety. How about setting up a video call over Skype or FaceTime? You can get a much better feel for a person when you see their body language, and you can set up a specific account just for online dating to mean that you can separate it from other aspects of your life.

4. If You're Still Holding Back From Meeting In Real Life

It's time to ask yourself why you're not plunging head in? Are you really ready for dating? Do you have some reservations about the person you're messaging? Or is it them? You need to do a bit of soul searching to find out exactly what is holding you back, and what you can do about it. If it's a case of feeling anxious, then we have some great advice for combatting first date nerves here. Or, if you feel the pressure of a first date is too much, head here for our ideas for exciting dates which place the emphasis on fun and adventure.

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Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 Dating Advice

Seven Ideas For Festive Dating

Seven Ideas for Festive Dating

There's no denying it; Christmas is coming. If you've met someone on Maverick Matches and want to meet in person, then this season is a wonderful time to find interesting, fun activities that will keep you entertained and warm your heart. We've rounded up some fun ideas that will keep you active as well as giving you plenty to talk about.

1. Visit a Continental Christmas Market

What could be more festive than meeting up to explore a local Christmas market? More and more British towns are hosting continental-style Christmas markets, including Lincoln, Birmingham, Nottingham, Newcastle, Bath and Cirencester. You'll get some activity in as you walk up and down, but be sure to choose your time right as they can get incredibly busy.

2. National Trust Christmas Events

Your local National Trust property is a great place to visit for a festive date. As well as being a safe location with plenty of parking, they often host really lovely Christmas events with markets, crafts, food and drink and choirs. Pack your trainers too, as many locations have some very, very pretty trails for walking or running.

3. Double Kayaking

Bear with us on this one. Kayaking in December? Well, picture the scene... clear blue skies, calm, mirror-like waters and crisp, energising air. Get in touch with your local canoe and kayak club to find out about kayak hire then take your date for a kayak trip that will invigorate, energise and fill you with a sense of well-being.

4. Cocktail Making

If evenings are the only time you can date, step up from the usual dinner and drinks date with a cocktail-making session. There are so many local bars where you can flex your cocktail-making skills, and having something active like this to concentrate on can really help you to break the ice (no pun intended) with your date. You'll get to taste the fruits of your labour, too. Just make sure you follow our tips for safe and successful dating here.

5. Local Choir Concert

Ok, it's not particularly adrenaline-filled but heading to a local choir concert for Christmas is a truly festive, romantic date idea. Do a quick search online to locate your local choir then get your tickets and meet your date there. Romance guaranteed.

6. Ice Skating

We love how more and more towns are embracing the new tradition of hosting an ice rink come December. It's a great chance to challenge your skating skills and have fun with your date. Take to the ice before thawing out in a cafe for lunch.

7. Take to the Hills

If the mention of Christmas wants to make you run for the hills then literally, why not? Weekends in December ca be beautifully crisp, so dress in your winter gear, wear your sturdiest boots then head to your local National Park or wild beauty spot. OS Maps is a great smartphone App which can help you to plan your route in advance. So, head to the hills for a breath of fresh air with your date.

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Sunday, October 21st, 2018 Dating Advice

Online Dating – Protecting Your Data

Online dating - protecting your data

At Maverick Matches we pride ourselves on being the ultimate online dating site to help fitness singles and people who love the outdoors meet. You know that as well as meeting people who share your love of the outdoors and action sports, your personal data will be kept private and we take your safety and security extremely seriously. There are, though, some steps that you can take, to make sure that your online dating experience is as safe and secure as it can be, so you can relax and chat online to your heart's content.

1. Don't put your personal details in your profile

When you sign up to online dating with Maverick Matches you'll be asked for your first name, but no more. This is to protect your privacy, and to make is harder for other singles to track you down online and on social media. It's important as well that you never share your email address, telephone number, or website URL on you dating profile.

2. Check your online dating website's credentials

Maverick Matches is brought to you by the same team as Muddy Matches - online dating for lovers of the countryside. We're proud to have over ten year's experience behind us, and we're members of the Online Dating Association, subscribing to the standards set out in its Code of Practice. We also have a strict 'unacceptable behaviour' policy, which guards against aggressive or threatening language and behaviour, offensive language or comments (racist, sexist or defamatory language), uploading of indecent photographs or other information and the revealing of any information that may compromise the anonymity of any Maverick Matches members.

3. Protect your own details

When you date online on Maverick Matches, you can send private messages to other fitness singles. In these messages, we strongly recommend that you keep personal details private. If someone asks you for personal information straight away, it should raise a red flag, as it is a method that scammers use to lure people away from the safety of the dating website. We only recommend exchanging basic contact details e.g. a mobile phone number, when you intend to meet in person. Even then, please do follow our guide to first date safety..

4. Use the Maverick Matches help centre

We carefully review all applications for new online dating profiles to make sure that they come from genuine single people. However, there may sometimes be instances where our approach doesn't work so if you ever come across any profile that you don't think is geneuine, then please do flag it up with us and we will look in to it.

For more advice on safe online dating, and meeting and dating adventure and adrenaline-junkies, take a look at our other blog posts here.

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 Dating Advice

Five Reasons Why Online Dating Rocks

Five reasons why online dating rocks

Online dating sceptic? Think that you can't find love by looking at a few pictures and reading a dating profile? Well, we are here to prove you wrong. Maverick Matches was built on over ten year's experience of running our sister site Muddy Matches - online dating especially for lovers of the countryside - and we have thousands of happy singles who have found love (just look at these wonderful Success Stories). So, sit back and let us tell you why you should give online dating with us a chance.

1. You can find people with similar interests

What with work, homelife and regular hobbies, it's quite normal that you only see a limited number of people, many of whom are already in a couple and who may not share your love for fitness and keeping active. All of our Maverick Matches have signed up because they share this common interest, so you know that you've got a better chance of meeting someone with a similar outlook on life as you; a great basis for a lasting relationship. And if you have a really niche hobby - canyoning, bouldering, sunrise rock climbing, white water rafting to name but a few - you can filter your search to find your perfect match.

2. Everyone's single

Just as in point 1, it's quite common to spend a lot of your time with people who are already loved up, and if you do meet someone new, asking if they're single can be difficult. Even worse is openly flirting with someone who is actually in a relationship. Awkward. With online dating you can bypass that whole social minefield and get on with getting to know people.

3. You have time to think

Whether you are shy, never know what to say or just are out of practice, dating online lets you take time to craft the perfect opening message than conveys exactly what you want to say. We've got lots of tips here to help you get it right.

4. You can consider personality and looks

When you sign up to Maverick Matches online dating, you get the chance to complete a dating profile that truly reflects who you are, where your interests lie, your life values and expectations from a relationship. This is key information that you would never know at first glance when you meet someone by chance. Relationship gold.

5. You're never too busy

Sometimes, trying to go out after work and be sociable is the last thing you need, especially if you work shifts or unusual hours. Dating online lets you search for singles who love sports and fitness, and message them securely, on your own timeframe, and to suit you.

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