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Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 Dating Advice

Active Date Ideas In Manchester And Cheshire

Active Date Ideas In Manchester And Cheshire

So you're based in the North West? Lucky you! Manchester and Cheshire are jam-packed with things to do and places to go that make great date locations. Here are our personal favourites.

1. National Trust's Lyme Park

Channel your inner Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy as you visit one of Cheshire's most stately homes. If a sedate wak around the grand interiors doesn't suit your maverick spirit then its 1,400 acres of estate are sure to keep you active with their alks, Nordic Walking routes, trail runs and even a Night Run.

2. Celebrate Chinese New Year in Manchester

Embrace the 2019 Year of the Pig with Manchester's Chinese Quarter's Celebrations. This year there'll be a giant art installation piglet, a glittering golden dragon, and live performances before the all-important Dragon Parade. That's not to mention the delicious food available at one of Manchester's many restaurants. See what's on here.

3. Ninja Warrior Adventure

Just how ninja are you? Find out with your date at Total Ninja, the world's largest Ninja Warrior training park in Trafford. The eleven ninja runs include a Spider Wall, Ring Sliders, Warped Wall, Ninja Reaction Zone, Jump Tower, Sea of Swings, Tilting Beams, Rotating Logs, Scramble Net, Spider Wall, Quad Steps, Sea of Doors, Floating Bridge, Ninja Climbing Wall, Giant Airbag and Foam Pits. Now, is that enough to sate your appetite for adrenaline?

4. Junkyard Golf Club

Crazy golf meets cocktails at Junkyard Golf Club in Manchester, all to a backdrop of neon lights and pumpin' beats. And you thought crazy golf was tame?

5. Sale Water Park

Indulge in everything water=sport related, from sail boats to jet skis, kayaks to canoes, windsurfs to katakanus, at Sale Water Park. Warm up after in their cafe, full of hearty, filling grub.

6. Get your cycling legs on on the Trans Pennine Trail

Running from Southport on the west to Hornsea on the East, head to Trafford at Dunham to join the Trans Pennine Trail. Perfect for walking, running and cycling, you'll enjoy a scenic, tranquil ride at your own leisure. Don't forget a picnic!

7. Chill Factor

Get your winter sport fix, whatever the weather, at Manchester's The Chill Factor. Ski, snowboard or just mess about in the snow park. Perfect for showing off your Olympic-standard tricks to your impressed date.

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Friday, February 15th, 2019 Dating Advice

The Ten Online Dating Terms You Need To Know

The Ten Online Dating Terms You Need To Know

Ghosting, catfishing and breadcrumbing. What on earth do they mean? The worlds of online dating and relationships are full of dedicated lingo to describe situations and behaviours, but what do they mean in IRL? Here's your Maverick Matches 101 guide to the online dating lexicon.


Literally 'In Real Life'. Commonly used to refer to taking your conversation offline and meet in person. The question is, though, are they just as attractive IRL?


Either an acronym for 'before anyone else', or a shortening of 'babe'. When someone refers to you as their BAE it's good news.


Not a pleasant one: the term 'catfish' refers to an online dater creating a fake persona, using false photos, and taking in other online daters. As well as for personal kicks, it can be done as part of a con. We have a team dedicated to checking that all online dating profiles on Maverick Matches are genuine but if you have any concerns you can hit the 'Report' button which appears on every dating profile.


Just when you thought everything was going smoothly, you find that conversation is suddenly cut off and you hear no more from your online match. You've been ghosted.

Slow Fade

Like ghosting but slower. They take longer and longer to reply to your online messages, their messages get shorter and less detailed and then, eventually, contact ceases.


The return of the ghost. You've moved on from being ghosted and suddenly they pop right back in to your inbox.


The odd flirty message here and there leads you on to think that something romantic could happen, but then it never comes to pass. This is breadcrumbing; letting you believe that it's going to turn in to something serious when they have no intention of taking it any further or meeting IRL.


Also to be translated as 'they're just not that into you', benching refers to when someone keeps in touch but never gets around to meeting you. Plans might fall through, they cancel on you, an emergency turns up. Basically, they like the attention they get from you and want to stay in touch 'just in case' but you're not their BAE. Sorry


Aha, so you've matched with someone online and you want to find out everything about them. You start to Google, find them on social media and then 'liking' their photos from ten years ago. The problem is that pesky little notification that lets them know they're being researched. If this is you it might be worth reading the Muddy Matches blog on 'The pros and cons of researching your date'.

Sunday Night Fever

Sunday evening is one of the busiest times of the week in the online dating world. Impending doom about Monday morning, a weekend spent alone and a few spare hours spark conversation like never before. Cue your inbox being deluged with messages from anyone and everyone.

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Saturday, January 19th, 2019 Dating Advice

Why Join A Niche Online Dating Site Like Maverick Matches?

Why Join A Niche Online Dating Site Like Maverick Matches?

If you're considering online dating you may well be wondering why you should join a niche dating site, such as Muddy Matches or Maverick Matches. Well, there certainly are a few reasons why we stand out from the crowd, so read on.

A Online Dating Website Made By People Like You

Let's face it; there are many, many online dating sites out there, and many people on them to meet. Maverick Matches was created by the outdoorsy, active people behind Muddy Matches, with a specific aim of bringing single people who love action sports and fitness - from snowboarding to surfing, cycling to parachuting. So, by joining our website you're more likely to meet people who share your love for keeping in shape and getting out there.

Common Interests

Because we're tailored to people who love to stay active, striking up a conversation over our online dating function is easy as you already have something in common. Not convinced? Sign up today to give it a go.

Sports-Specific Filters

If you know what you really want from a partner, you can use our advanced search functions to filter potential dates according to sport, adventure and fitness. So, the snowboarding partner of your dreams could be just a click away.

Dating Advice Tailored to you

As well as advice on safe online dating, channeling your self-confidence and getting more profile visits, our Dating Advice Blog is full of great active date ideas as well as some fab and fun reasons why dating different types of sports and fitness singles is so brilliant. Take a look around, and don't forget to share with your friends.

Facebook, Twitter + Instagram to keep you entertained and informed.

Have you checked us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram yet? As well as sharing our own advice and offers, our feeds are full of advice for fitness and adventure-lovers, as well as fun news and articles. Follow us today!

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Friday, January 11th, 2019 Dating Advice

Meeting Your Maverick Match – How To Make 2019 Your Year

Meeting Your Maverick Match - How To Make 2019 Your Year

Is 2019 the year that you put your dating life first? If your love life has taken a back seat recently then its time to get out of bad habits and make this the year that you shine. There are some simple things that you can do - both practically and from an attitude point of view - that will help you in your quest for love this year.

1. Reassess who and what you are looking for

Take time to think about the qualities that really matter to you in a potential partner. Have they shifted in the last twelve months? If you've 'rejected' profiles on Maverick Matches in the past then why not take a look back to see if any of them offer what you're looking for now.

2. But stay open-minded

If you've got a checklist of what you're looking for, just bear in mind that the 'perfect' person does not exist. Be open to meeting people from different backgrounds with different qualities. Even if you don't end up with them, you might have a lot of fun along the way.

3. Take the pressure off

We've all been there. Happily spending time at a family party when someone drops that clanger; 'So when are you going to get a girlfriend/boyfriend'. Whether it's pressure from external sources or pressure you're putting on yourself (married with kids by 30 sound familiar), this is all going to make you feel bad if you don't reach your goal . by the time you wanted. Relax a little and tell yourself that you'll meet the right one for you when the time is right. We promise that the wait will be worth it.

4. Say some positive affirmations

If you're going on date after date with no success, or not even going on dates at all, then you may find that your self-confidence is taking a hit and you're starting to wonder if you'll ever meet anyone. Break the 'what's wrong with me' cycle by taking time out to look at yourself objectively. What do other people love about you? What do your friends value? Send yourself some positive compliments and believe them.

5. Make time for dating

A date doesn't always have to be an evening-long commitment. A drink after work, a lunch-time coffee break or even weekend brunch can all be quick, accessible date ideas. If you can spend three hours watching Suits on Netflix then you've got time for a date.

6. Take care of yourself

Putting time and effort into your self-care routine, just for you, is a wonderful way to practise self-compassion. Showing that you value yourself also sends great signals to potential partners, too.

7. Put effort into online messaging

Be honest now; do generic messages sent online capture your eye? Are you guilty of sending 'copy and paste' messages too? Take time to read through the people's online dating profiles and be creative in your line of questioning. Rather than 'Did you have a good Christmas?' ask, 'What was the best Christmas present you received?'.

8. Make sure you take time out for you

Life can get busy with work and dating but make sure you still carve out time to pursue your own interests. Doing so will make you seem super-interesting to a potential partner, and having a full and busy life adds to your own sense of self-confidence and overall happiness.

9. Take the chat offline

It's easy to get stuck into sending messages backwards and forwards and never actually meet in person. Make this the year you meet to see if sparks really do fly.

10. Share your dating adventure with your friends

There's no need to feel shame about online dating. Tell your friends about your experiences to take the pressure off. Oh, and get them involved with helping you to refine your online dating profile too; they'll make sure you're shining the light on your qualities and achievements.

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Monday, January 7th, 2019 Dating Advice

January Dating Resolutions

January Dating Resolutions

A brand new year = brand new dating opportunities. Whether you're new to online dating with Maverick Matches or have been here a while, January is the perfect time to make new dating habits and kick-start your love life. Here are our top tips for making 2019 the year you find love.

Update your profile

Take a few minutes to read your dating profile with fresh eyes. Is it up-to-date? Does it really represent you? It's worth spending a few minutes to add detail to what you say and let your personality shine through.

Take a chance

Dismissing potential daters out of hand? Be realistic with your dating search and broaden your search criteria, then take a chance and get messaging. The right person for you might not be what or who you think they are, so being open-minded and getting to people who you might not initially consider can really pay off.

Challenge yourself

Want to get more interaction with your profile? Challenge yourself to contacting 5 new people a week. Setting yourself a goal will push you from being a passive 'browser' (who scrolls through profiles without engaging) to being an active online dater - one who initiates contact and gets conversation flowing.

Don't compare yourself with other

It's easy to look at your friends and family and start to compare your single status with their married/engaged/loved-up life. Stop right there. We're firm believers that the right person for you will come along, but you have to be pro-active and open-minded. Rather than letting yourself get down-hearted, keep enjoying your own pursuits but add in a healthy dose of online dating on the side. A positive outlook and belief that it will happen will help you in your search.

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Friday, January 4th, 2019 Dating Advice

Top Five Online Dating Mistakes

Top Five Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating should be pretty easy, right? Register, choose your subscription option then start browsing. Message a few people who share you love of fitness and adventure, meet up in person and bam! You've found your soulmate. Sadly, online dating isn't quite so straightforward. This Maverick Matches blog post is dedicated to all of you adventure and fitness-lovers out there who are looking for love but finding that the path is far from smooth. It's time to review your profile and ask yourself if you're making one of these common online dating mistakes.

1. Leaving out vital information

When you sign up to Maverick Matches we guide you through an online form containing details about you, your life and your interests, as well as the sort of person you're searching for. Sometimes, skipping through these questions and giving the most basic answers is tempting because, well, it's quite hard. If you're guilty of this then take the time to go back through your profile and add detail to your answers. Giving interesting info will help draw possible dates in and give you something to talk about when you start to message online.

2. But don't say too much

We all have that one friend who overshares, giving you waaaaaay too much information. Don't be that person. We recommend that you take the time to find the perfect balance between sharing enough information without overwhelming. If you give away too much, what are you going to talk about if you actually meet in person? Entice them in with a few choice bits of info. Sexy, no?

3. No photos or poor photos

Would you order a piece of clothing online that you couldn't see a picture of, or for which the photos were terrible? Much as we don't like to judge a book by its covers, we recognise that having fantastic, good quality photographs on your online dating profile is key. Also, those with photos get a lot more clicks and interest than those without. Read our blog here about taking great photographs for your online dating profile on Maverick Matches.

4. Embellishing the truth

You might not consider yourself to be the most exciting person, but telling little fibs or embellishing the truth isn't going to do you any favours in the long run. Your date will find out. So, tell the truth, but tell it in a great way. So you're a librarian by day. No problems. Consider something like 'I get my kicks out of the Dewey Decimal System in working hours but in my free time I get a thrill from dusting off my MTB and kicking up some dust'.

5. Ignoring messages

Uh oh. Awkward. Whether you're shy, time-poor, or just don't know what to say, ignoring messages from other Mavericks is not going to help you find love. Invest time in looking at their profile and responding. Even if you don't feel a spark right away then getting to know someone over our online messaging service is just the beginning....

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Sunday, December 30th, 2018 Dating Advice

New Year Dating Boost

New Year Dating Boost

As the clock strikes twelve and you realise you're alone (again?), entering the new year with a positive attitude to dating and relationships can be somewhat challenging. Stop right there! The dawn of a new year is the chance for fresh opportunities and a shiny new approach to your dating life. So, here are our top tips to boost your love life as January begins.

1. Start fresh and let go of the past

Getting hung up with doubts and worries over past relationships is SO last year. Wipe the slate clean with the new year and try to move on. If you're not currently online dating, it's a wonderful time to start - as lots of other singles will be joining up. If you are on a dating site, then take time to review your profile and give it a January refresh to attract all of those potential partners out there.

2. Think positive

So what if you didn't find love in 2018? 2019 is a new year, with so many people out there to meet. Focus on your strengths and the things that make you awesome, and don't let any doubters hold you back!

3. Don't make dating your sole focus

Obsessing over dating and the state of your love life isn't a recipe for overall wellbeing and happiness. Make it part of a balanced lifestyle - along with work, family, friends, hobbies and sport - for a well-rounded, healthy attitude that will make you irresistible.

4. Review what you *really* want

Especially if you've been online dating a while, the things you think you want from a relationship may have changed or altered slightly. Read through your online dating profile with a critical eye and ask yourself whether what you wrote is still aligned with how you feel. This process may also help you clarify your life goals in general - pretty cool, eh?

5. Try something new

Taking up a new hobby or sport will add an extra dimension of fun into your life, especially important during these short January days. You'll have something great to talk about with potential dates too, as well as giving yourself the opportunity to make new friends.

6. Talk to strangers

We know very well that first dates are hard... the whole pressure thing, getting to know someone new, dating etiquette to name a few things that you need to overcome. So, what better way to get into practice than talking to strangers. Try chatting to someone in the coffee shop queue, on the bus or train, or just in the park. You'll boost your confidence, get adept at making small talk and empathising, and also pick up some pretty cool stories and knowledge along the way.

7. Invest time in yourself

The 'January blues' are a very real thing. Rather than wallowing at home in a pit of misery (ok, that might be a little OTT), spend quality time with yourself. Be it enjoying a long bubble bath, getting out to a fitness class, trying a new hobby (see point 5!) or making dates with friends and family, having something to look forward to throughout January could be what you need to remain positive.

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Thursday, December 27th, 2018 Dating Advice

Christmas-Time Dating Tips

Christmas Dating Tips

Christmas is here! If everyone around you is loved up and you seem to be the only single around, then never fear. We are here to help with our online dating, designed specifically for singles in the UK or love adventure, fitness and action sports. Did you know that Christmas is also one of the busiest times of the year for online dating? Think of all that free time off work... lots of singles spending time on their dating profiles. As well as existing online dating pros, there'll be lots of new singles looking for love. So, how can you make first contact with all these exciting people out there? This is our guide to Christmas-time messaging.

Merry Christmas

Simple and seasonal, a straight-forward 'Merry Christmas' is a great way to start a conversation online. Follow up with a few questions about what they're up to and what plans they have to spark some messaging and get to know each other.

Be Different

Although wishing a 'Merry Christmas' is a great conversation-opener, you need to stand out from the crowd with a few follow-up statements. Ask them something different, outside the box. How about 'what's the worst Christmas present you received?' or 'what's in the end of your stocking?'. We also advise paying close attention to what they say in their online profile; asking questions that relate to what they've written will show that you are interested and haven't simply sent a blanket message.

Happy New Year

The New Year pressure is on... and knowing about someone's ideal New Year plans is a fab way of getting to know someone. Are they up for a big one, which isn't your vibe at all? Or are they family-oriented, something you can get on board with?

Bite the Bullet

Time off between Christmas and New Year means that daytime dating is a distinct possibility. If you like what you read and want to meet up in person, arrange to meet somewhere for coffee, a walk (in a safe place), or something else active. Be sure to follow our tips for a safe first date, though.

And, above all, have fun!

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Thursday, December 20th, 2018 Dating Advice

Time To Update Your Dating Profile?

Time To Update Your Dating Profile?

We're so proud that we've reached our first anniversary at Maverick Matches, helping active people who love adventure and outdoors to meet and find love. Have you been with us since the start? If your online dating profile has been up for a while and you've still not found the one for you, then it might be time to give your profile a freshen up. Here are the things that you can update to keep you profile up to date, interesting and eye-catching.

1. Profile picture

Have you kept the same profile picture since you signed up? Take a look at it with new eyes; does it show your face clearly? Do you think it's eye-catching? Your profile may well be showing up in lots of people's searches but they may have got so used to it, they don't 'see' it anymore. Add a bright, fresh photo so that you stand out and, voila, more profile clicks!

2. Update your info

Perhaps you've taken up some new hobbies, or you feel confident enough to add more detail to your profile. Take a few minutes to check that the interests you've listed are still current and reflect what you like to do. Adding more detail will give personality and character to your profile, so it's well worth writing about what you like about your activities and why you enjoy pursuing them.

3. Add a 'statement headline'

Think about your dating profile as a personal CV, where you summarise your top achievements and highlights to make you stand out from the crowd. Do the same for your dating profile, and potential dates will be able to read about your 'essence' at a glance.

4. More pictures

We've just enjoyed a wonderfully long, hot summer and no doubt you made the most of it pursuing adventure and fitness outdoors, capturing lots of photos along the way. Find your favourites and upload them to your online dating profile to give your matches a real insight into how you enjoy spending your time; you never know, they may just find they have lots in common with you and get in touch.

5. Entice people to find out more

Giving lots of information about yourself, as we suggest in point 2, can be great, but too much information can be overwhelming. Another benefit of telling a little, but not all, is that it makes online messaging easier as people will have something to ask about. So, hinting at an achievement or future dream can be a lot, lot more interesting then telling is straight.

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Sunday, December 16th, 2018 Dating Advice

Active + Cultural Date Ideas In Yorkshire

Active + Cultural Date Ideas in Yorkshire

Today we're taking our regional dating focus to Yorkshire. Yes, Yorkshire with its softly rolling hills, hundreds of years of culture and fantastic local produce. So, let's get started with a few ideas to satisfy all the needs of you activity and adventure junkies.


1. Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Get your heart racing in a different way with a visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster. You'll have the opportunity to see over 400 animals, of 70 different species. It's the UK's only walk-through wildlife park, and is home to the only polar bears in England as well as majestic lions, tigers and black rhino. Admit it; a date here would be pretty awesome.

2. Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Combine walking through some glorious Yorkshire scenery with a display of modern art at this open air gallery. Bretton Park has 500 acres of parkland to enjoy with 80 including sculptures and installations, including pieces by Barbara Hepworth and Dennis Oppenheim. End your date with some delicious Yorkshire treats in the cafe overlooking the park.

3. Goredale Scar from Malham

A date idea for the more active dater. Take in the breathtaking Yorkshire countryside on a round walk from Malham Cove to Goredale Scar. Limestone scenery, waterfalls and natural amphitheatres await on this 7 mile, 3 hour walk. Get the full route here.

4. Canalboat Hire

Enjoy a spot of peace and quiet on one of Yorkshire's tranquil waterways. Your boat know-how will come in handy as you navigate through the rolling hills and dales. Expect friendly banter from passers-by, ancient pubs to grab some refreshment and a day to remember.

5. White Scar Cave

At Britains's longest show cave you'll cover 1 mile at a cool 8 degrees, as you weave and wend your way through narrow passages, low tunnels to view incredible natural waterfalls, caverns, stalactites and stalacmites. A sure-fire way to see Yorkshire from a different point of view, and impress your active date at the same time.

6. Quadtrex

For speed freaks out there, head to Quadtrex for 160 acres of woodland, quarryland, grassland, dirt track and more. Compete with your date or impress with your quadbike skills... the choice is yours.

7. Watersport at Grimworth Reservoir

On the beautiful Grimworth Reservoir and Semer Water you can take your pick from canoeing, sailing and windsurfing as well as open water swimming, The upland location makes it a constantly changing landscape as heavy rain increase the chance of challenging white water opportunities and spectacular waterfalls.

8. Dales walks

Come winter or summer, rain or shine, you can't beat a bracing walk in the great outdoors. You'll be really spoilt for choice in beautiful Yorkshire, which offers everything from gentle rambles, energising hikes and challenging scrambles. Welcome to Yorkshire has a great selection of routes.

9. Windsurfing

Don't forget, Yorkshire has mile after mile of coastline to discover - coasteering, windsurfing, scrambling - the choice is yours. Get inspired here.


1. The Deep, Hull

Get your fix of aquamarine life at Hull's spectacular aquarium which is home to over 3,500 fish, including sharks, Gentoo penguins, starfish, Black pacu, catfish, velvet swimmer crabs and sea urchins. You can even, booking required, dine a deux in the tunnel as dish and sharks swim overhead.

2. Hepworth Gallery

One for all you modern art lovers; Wakefield's Hepworth Gallery displays some beautiful, thought-provoking pieces of sculpture and art, as well as constantly changing photographic exhibitions. Plan a pre-visit to impress your date with your arty knowlege.

3. Leeds Armouries

Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but on a visit to Leeds Armouries you'll explore arms and armour from across the world.

4. York Chocolate Story

Indulge your date's sweeter side with a trip through time at York Chocolate Story. Learn about the history of chocolate and its story in Britain; a great date idea for winter days.

5. Afternoon Tea at Betty's

Give your body a break from activity and fitness with a pit-stop at Betty's in Harrogate, York or Ilkley. The quintessential British tea-room, feed your hunger with its delicate range of cakes and pastries for afternoon tea or traditional Yorkshire and Swiss brunch, lunch and dinner options. Yum.

6. Leeds Water Taxi

See one of the north's best cities from a different viewpoint with a trip on its Water Taxi. The waterways are lined with cool bars and restaurants, and you'll feel the romance of this city as you traverse over its gentle waters.

8. The Crucible, Sheffield

If your love for life extends to the theatre then book tickets for you and your date to a play at the distinctive Crucible. Modern shows jostle for place alongside Shakespearean classics. Take a look at what's on here.

9. Castle Howard

Step back in time with a visit to Castle Howard, one of Britain's finest stately homes. Its endless parkland and gardens let you stretch your legs, before a tour of the elegant interior will sate your thirst for art and craftmanship. The perfect end to your date is a decadent Yorkshire cake or scone in the restaurant.

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