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Sunday, May 13th, 2018 Dating Advice

Online Dating for Beginners

Online Dating for Beginners

Welcome, if you're new to Maverick Matches! We're so happy that you've chosen to join our online dating site, and hope that you have lots of fun and discovery meeting like-minded singles. Here at Maverick Matches we're dedicated to putting active singles in touch with each other - and our dating advice blog is packed with tips for successful dating and messaging, as well as ideas for getting active in the UK and beyond.

This post is especially for all those online dating newbies out there, so if you're wondering where to start, you're in the right place.

1. Set aside time for online dating

Some dating profile sites require a quick swipe back and forth to put you in touch with other singles. Not so with Maverick matches. We firmly believe that successful relationships are built on shared interests and values, so it's worth taking the time to sit down and dedicate time to creating your own online dating profile, reading those of others carefully and investing energy in messaging singles who you like the sound of. It's very unlikely that you'll meet the partner of your dreams within the first few days but by setting aside time for your search you'll be in the best position possible.

2. Create the best online dating profile you can

Think about your online dating profile as your personal market place - you need to highlight your best points, describe yourself accurately and entice potential matches in. Daunted? Get a friend around to help. We all tend to be too self-critical, so a friend's view will help you identify your strengths and give you a bit of courage too. Remember, be specific, make it interesting, invite other singles to ask questions.

3. Select superb profile pictures

We love to see a variety of high quality photos showing the single in different situations. If a picture can say a thousand words, then make them work for you! Try to describe your personal story in your choice of images - from enjoying a picnic on the beach, to finishing that latest park run, to being on an exotic adventure.

4. Don't be afraid to make the first move

Once you've browsed through the other online dating profiles on Maverick Matches you'll find that some catch your interest and your fancy. So what do you do next? We advise you to take the plunge and send an online message. You have nothing to lose, and lots to gain! If you're not sure what to say then take a look through the single's profile and ask some questions pertinent to them. Also, mention them by name or user-name so it's clear you're not just sending out a generic message to lots of people.

5. Stay safe

Safety of our members is key so, if you decide to meet in person, then please make sure you follow our guidelines for safe dating. In a nutshell, always meet in a well-lit, busy place, tell a friend or member of your family where you are going and who you are meeting, trust your instincts and check in with your friend when you get back home. If you ever have any worries, you can contact our customer care team who will investigate any profiles that don't seem quite right.

6. Pay for a subscription

Maverick Matches is free to register with, and you can create an online dating profile free of charge too, but paying for membership will sharply increase your chances of matching. We have some great membership offers available to get you started.

7. Be open minded

You may have a clear idea in your head of what your perfect partner should be, but try to stay open-minded. The right person may be quite the opposite - so don't discount people at first glance without giving them a chance.

We have lots more in-depth advice for getting started with online dating on our blog here, as well as tips for staying safe. Let us know how you get on - happy dating!

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Monday, January 22nd, 2018 Dating Advice

Spring Clean Your Online Dating Profile

Spring Clean your Online Dating profile

New Year, new you, right? January is the perfect time to review your online dating profile, spruce it up and get ready to meet lots of new online daters on Maverick Matches. We've put together these tips on making sure your online dating profile is in the best shape it can be.

Update your pictures

It's easy to choose old pictures you're comfortable with but, if you've been out and about this Christmas and got some fabulous pictures of you doing your thing, or just being happy and relaxing, take time to edit them and upload them. Our members love to see up-to-date pictures of the guy or gal they're chatting to, and pictures can say more about you then words can.

Review your details

Taken up a new sport, changed your job or had time to reflect on your values and what you're looking for? Make sure that you edit your details to reflect your current thoughts and changes in your life. It makes messaging easier for singles contacting you if your profile is up to date and current.

Consider a rewrite

The perfect person might already have seen your profile but not contacted you because something was't quite there. Read your online dating profile objectively, or get a friend to look over it with you. Ask yourself whether it sparkles, whether it grabs your attention and whether you would want to find out more. if not, start from scratch and have a rewrite so that it screams 'message me'.

Clean out your inbox

If you're had conversations with members before but there hasn't been that spark, go through your inbox and delete them. This will act as a mental refresh, giving you a fresh slate to start anew with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

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Monday, December 18th, 2017 Dating Advice

Show Your Best Side

Show your best side

Some people were born to be in front of the camera but the rest of us, well... we may be a little more choosy when it comes to selecting a profile picture. We've put together these tips to help you to love your looks a little more and become more confident when uploading pictures to your Maverick Matches dating profile.

Find Your Best Angle

Even the most beautiful person has a 'best side'. Take a good look in the mirror, or examine some old photos, and work out which angle you prefer when you're looking at yourself. Now upload those photos, or get a friend to help take some flattering shots of you.

Get out there

We firmly believe that people are at their most attractive when they are out there relaxing and having fun. Because you're an adrenaline junkie (that's why you're on Maverick Matches after all) you've got the perfect opportunity for plenty of action shots of you showing off your stuff.


We all know that horrendous 'passport picture' pose -  the one where you're grimacing into the camera, eyes wide open and sitting poker-straight. That's not the look we're going for. As we mentioned above, get a friend around for a mini photo-shoot, have fun and relax. We promise that you'll get a great shot.

Make an effort

You wouldn't go to a job interview looking scruffy and unkempt, and your online dating profile is no different. Make sure your clothing is fresh and smart, your hair is nicely styled (unless you're mid-extreme sport, of course) and, if you wear it, you've accentuated your features with a bit of make-up.

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder

We all know that we are super-critical when it comes to ourselves, focussing on perceived flaws and parts that we don't like. Chances are that another single looking at your photos will simply see all the great things about you - your beautiful, open smile, the colour of your eyes. Try not to be hard on yourself.

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Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 Dating Advice

How To Get Yourself Seen On Online Dating

How to get your online dating profile seen

Trust us, we know how hard it is to write about yourself and create an interesting, eye-catching online dating profile. After all that hard work, you need to know that you'll show up in search results. That's why we've put together these top tips to consider to help you get noticed online on Maverick Matches. Read on, and good luck!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Make sure you choose an awesome profile picture - one that captures you at your best, looking happy and relaxed, perhaps doing an extreme sport that you love. We have some great tips here to help you take a perfect profile picture.

Get to the top

Online dating sites love it when their members are active - searching, messaging, engaging with other singles' profiles. The more active you are, the higher you will show up in the listings. And think about it; other singles' are less likely to try to contact you if they know you are rarely online.

Spring clean your profile

Read through your existing text. Is it accurate? Does it still reflect you, your life, your work and your interests? Does it have seasonal references e.g. summer and Easter, that are now out of date? Give it a tweak, and you'll bump yourself up the rankings.

Bitesize is best...

Try to create a summary sentence of who you are in a nutshell. This is what will capture attention and draw other adventure-lovers in to read more about you.

... then give more detail

Make sure that the rest of your profile gives enough information to encourage others to contact you. Weave in some interesting details and things that make you unique - this gives singles a great starting point for online messaging and makes you seem more human!

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Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 Dating Advice

How To Make Your Maverick Matches Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Online dating - how to write an active profile

You’ve signed up for online dating, and you’re hoping to meet someone who shares your passion for adventure and extreme sports. But how can you make sure your profile is attracting those single people who you want to hook up with? Follow these tips when writing your online dating profile and we’re sure you’ll meet a fellow adrenaline lover in no time at all.

Sum yourself up in a sentence 

Try to distil what makes you, you in just a few sentences, making sure that your love for the outdoors and your action sports comes across. This is the first but of text that other singles will see, so make sure it grabs their attention and is welcoming and friendly. If you struggle then why not ask a friend to help? 

For example; An adventure-seeking guy who loves the outdoors, adrenaline and getting active. I particularly love climbing, hiking and para-gliding but equally love cosy evenings in, getting stuck in to a good book and cooking a great Sunday roast.

Give yourself some personality 

People will build up a mental picture of you based on your interests and activities. This is a great place to list all those extreme sports that you love to do, and be really specific. You never know, there may be a single person out there who share the same passion for wild swimming in Welsh lakes. Giving details and letting your passion shine through gives your online dating profile character and warmth.

Who’s your partner?

If you an idea of the kind of single you’d like to meet why not outline it here? As well as mentioning favoured activities, be sure to mention character traits. Would you like to meet someone who is family-oriented? Someone religious? A single who is relaxed and free-spirited? 

Conversation starter 

Think about inserting a question in to your profile. For example, what’s your favourite extreme sport? What sort of adventure do you like most? This will act as a great ice-breaker and avoids the ‘what should I say?’ problem when initiating an online conversation. 

Work, work, work 

It may be easy to chat about what you love doing in your adventurous spare time, but it’s nice to give other singles an idea about what you do for a living. Remember not to name the actual place of work – just until you know your date better.

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Friday, September 1st, 2017 Dating Advice

Photography For Your Online Dating Profile

Photography for online dating for extreme sports lovers

First appearances count, right? Especially in the world of online dating. We’ve put together these tips to make sure your Maverick Matches dating profile is the best is can be, to ensure you get lots of visits from fellow adrenaline junkies and start up lots of promising messaging with other active singles. 

First things first 

Make sure your main photo shows you at your best – it’s the first thing that other singles on Maverick Matches will see. Choose a recent picture that clearly shows your head and shoulders. Even if it's a snap of you out and about enjoying your favourite extreme sport, let people see your features by making sure it’s free of sunglasses, goggles, hats and helmets. 


Selfies are fab – spontaneous and fun. However, you can inadvertently crop your face. For the best shot, use a camera with a timer function so that you can set up the shot perfectly, or use a selfie stick so that you can achieve a flattering photo at a good distance. Think carefully about your surroundings – no messy room in the background or a photo taken in the mirror. We love a great picture of you out there pursuing your favourite extreme adventure sport.

…or not to selfie? 

Selfies are fab – spontaneous and fun. However, for your online listing it may be best to get a friend to help. They’ll be able to get the right distance away, place your face in the centre of the picture and take multiple snaps for you to choose the best one. Having a friend to help may also help you to relax and smile.

Lights, camera, action 

Lighting is such an important element, and often overlooked. Make sure the room is brightly lit or you’re in your natural environment (outdoors, of course, being active and sport!) so that your face is nicely and flatteringly lit.


You’ve taken all this time taking the perfect photograph, so don’t spoil it by over-cropping. If you’re not sure about getting the right dimensions then leave it uncropped and we’ll sort it out for you.

That's it! Your profile picture is the perfect way to showcase you and your passion for extreme sports, and we hope that this short guide helps you meet with other active singles on Maverick Matches.

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Friday, August 11th, 2017 Dating Advice

The Perfect Profile Photo

Your Profile Photo is the first thing that anyone will see when they are viewing your profile, so it is important to make sure that it's a good representation of who you are.

Make it clear

You Profile Photo should clearly show your head and shoulders – a bit like a passport photo, but with a smile.

Avoid adding filters, or a cartoon bunny nose, and make sure the image is of a reasonable quality.

Don’t use an old photo

Aim to use a photo that was taken within the last two years so that it is an accurate representation of what you look like now. You don’t want your date to be hunting around for a brunette when you now have blonde hair.

Do enlist help

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to have a great profile picture. Just ask a friend to take a selection of photos of you and see which one you prefer.

Aim to take some of the photos indoors in good lighting and some of them outside in natural lighting.

Impartial advice is always good; at Maverick Matches, our Customer Care team will always be happy to advise you which of your photos will attract the right kind of attention.

Don’t obscure your face

People want to be able to see your eyes, so don’t choose a photo where you are wearing sunglasses, or a hat that obscures your eyes.

Don’t hide in the shadows

Arty black and white photos with lots of shadow look very chic, but they aren’t very good for showing what you really look like.

Do smile

Smiling in your Profile Photo will make you look friendly and approachable. If you can find a photo where you are smiling naturally it will look best and people can usually spot a forced smile.

If you are unsure about which photo to choose, you could enlist the help of a friend, or you could switch your photo over on a regular basis to see which one gets the most attention.

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